Spring has sprung

The long awaited Speckled Trout bite has begun to show up and improves daily. The trout have begun their trip to the coast and the majority of the fish we caught this last week looked like they were about ready to spawn. As the month progresses the fish will continue to gang up inshore and those that are further along will begin to head to the beaches. Every Grand Isle fishing guide counts the days until trout gang up in big schools making for consistant action. The redfish continue to provide reliable entertainment for those that are looking for bigger fights. May and June are filling fast but as a full time charter service running multiple boats we can usually find room for more. Come get in on the action and spend a wonderful day on the water.

Daryl Carpenter
Reel Screamers Guide Service

We are currently hiring captains to man some of our boats. If you are interested, please contact us for an application. Applications should be emailed back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Daryl Carpenter Owner & Operator of Reel Screamers Guide ServiceDaryl Carpenter

Owner & Operator
Daryl Carpenter, owner/operator of Reel Screamers Guide Service has been fishing the waters of South Louisiana for years, finally settling on the salty banks of Grand Isle. Even thou I grew up fishing the freshwater spillways of south Louisiana, the constant quest for more and bigger eventually led to the banks of the Gulf of Mexico where I realized that I had stepped into heaven. I am fortunate in that I enjoy what I do and I enjoy giving you the opportunity to spend some time in what I call home.

Inshore fishing

We do everything we can to keep our prices reasonable and I think that you will find them competitive. Please call with any questions.


Inshore trips are based on the number of people on the boat. These trips include all you need for a day of fishing. All rods and reels are supplied. Ice, fuel and bait are included for these trips as well as fish cleaning.

Up to 2 people - $500.00
3 People - $650.00
4 People - $750.00

* We will occasionally place a 5th person on the 24' foot boat, but generally we try to keep these trips to 4 people per boat.

* Extended trips to areas such as the Sandy Point area may incur an additional fuel charge.



We are not currently offering our offshore trips due to life's circumstances. While we are no longer running the big boat

Offshore fishing

we will on occasion add a nearshore trip to our bay boats trips under the State of Louisiana Charter Rules. These trips offer the opportunity to catch cobia, mangrove snapper and red snapper. These trips will be limited to the same 4 passengers as the inshore trips and will be weather dependant.

The addition to running offshore from the bay boat is usually a "day of the trip" call and any additional charges would be discussed at the time of that trip.

If you are still looking for an offshore trip and have questions we have 15 years of experience running those trips and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have as you are shopping for your next fishing trip.



All trips require deposits. Inshore trips require a $200.00 deposit.  Deposits hold your trip and are refundable if we have to cancel for any reason, usually weather related issues. Other than the previously stated the deposit will not be refunded unless the boat reserved for you is rebooked. Refunds of deposits placed on a credit card will be minus the merchant charges unless the cancellation is made by Reel Screamers Guide Service. In the event that the date is not rebooked, your deposit is good for a period of 1 year, giving you plenty of time to pick another date. Deposits left on the books longer than 1 year are forfeited.

A note on deposits - I do not like having to deal with deposits but they are a necessary evil in the business. While our focus is to have fun and catch fish, we are a business and a booking is a commitment that takes resources out of circulation



credit cards we accept - Mastercard, Visa, American Express We accept cash, check or Visa, Master Card, American Express. There is a 3% convenance charge applied to all credit card payments.  The convenance charge is not refunded as part of a refundable deposit.


Terms / Conditions

Terms of Liabily Documents

Each Passenger will be provided with an information card, boarding pass if you will. The information card should be filled out prior to the trip and provided to your captain the morning of your trip. This card provides us vital information on the rare occasion we need it and it affirms agreement to these TERMS

As always, please feel free to call with any questions that you may have. (225) 937-6288


Grand Isle, LouisianaGrand Isle is the only inhabited barrier island in the State of Louisiana. It is located about a 90 minute drive from New Orleans. We are less than 5 hours from the Texas State line.

From the New Orleans area proceed west on I-310.  This will take you to Boutte, LA. where I-310 will dead end. Stay right and continue west on Hwy 90. You will approach an overpass at the intersection of Hwy 308, exit right and turn south on Hwy 308. Continue on Hwy 308 until it dead ends at Hwy 3235. Turn left onto Hwy 3235 and you will eventually rejoin old Hwy 1 south of Golden Meadow. Stay on Hwy 1, you will have to take a left at the end of the new elevated Highway and your almost there. (see toll information below)

If you are coming in from the west, exit I-10 at Lafayette Hwy 90 south (future I-10 corridor) As you approach Raceland, you will see an exit for Hwy 1. Get in the left lane. After the overpass enter the left turn lane and make a U-turn. Exit Hwy 308 and follow the directions above.

Once you have rejoined Hwy 1 you will follow Bayou Lafourche. You will come to the toll bridge. You will need to be in the right lane as you approach the bridge. When you turn onto the bridge there may be an attendant present to take your payment or you may have to use one of the ATM machines. There is only a toll headed south. There is no more post pay, you must pay at the bridge.

Reel Screamers Guide Service is home based at Bridgeside Marina. When you cross the bridge onto Grand Isle, Bridgeside will be on the right as soon as you exit the bridge.

WORD OF CAUTION: Watch the 50 MPH speed zone on Hwy 3235 in Golden Meadow. The Golden Meadow speed trap must be hurting for money, they are on a tear. Lately they are writing tickets for any little thing and their most current craze is writing for people driving in the left lane of the 4 lane.  If you are going to pass someone, do it then get back into the right lane. I do apologize to any and all of my customers that you have to drive through this place but there is just no way around it. Please do not honor them by buying anything in Golden Meadow. Watch the 25 MPH zone as you are getting close to Grand Isle.

We typically leave from my home on the bay side of Grand Isle. Rarely tidal conditions will dictate otherwise, you will received detailed departure instructions prior to your trip.

Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing for redfish off Grand Isle, LA with Reel Screamers Guide Service

Our inland trips, like all of our trips, can be tailored to your specific request. Remember whether you use us or someone else, you are the customer, your desires should be stated and the trip tailored to your desires when possible. The normal trip leaves the dock at safe light the destination depends on the current activity of the targeted species. You could be fishing the beaches of Grand Isle. LA, Elmer's Island or the many reefs just west of Venice, LA.  Speckled Trout and the ever famous Louisiana Redfish are the primary targets with plenty of others to help fill the box.

Bountiful catches of speckled trout

The inshore fleet consists of two 24 foot Blazer Bays. The Blazer Bay Coastal is the epitome of what a charter boat should be. Forget all of the bells and whistles that let you look pretty at the dock, they offer 360-degree fishing with a very dry ride and shallow water access. These boats are large and spacious, providing plenty of room for 4 fishermen and the captain. The boats are equipped with all of the required safety equipment. If you have a larger party, no need to worry, we try to never say "no" and will be more than happy to call in additional boats to fill your party.

While we try to never say "no" we get a lot of requests to place 5 fishermen on a boat. In reality, this is not a good idea. Remember that an inshore trip involves a lot of casting and moving around. That 5th angler begins to affect your trip and comfort on the boat and when the conditions require that we try to get into skinny waters the extra weight can and will prevent that from happening a lot of times. We will gladly bring in additional boats when needed to fill your needs.


What do you need to do? 

All you will need to bring are your essentials such as sunscreen, camera, food and any beverages that you want. Make sure you dress for the conditions of the day. Have your ice chest handy so your filets have a nice cold ride home. There are a couple of no-nos. No hard sole marking shoes, no spray sunscreen and none of those big high performance ice chest.

Aside from fishing, the inland marshes of South Louisiana are full of wildlife. You will enjoy a full day of cruising the marshes in search of your prey all the while enjoying what Louisiana has to offer.

A 3 day Charter fishing license is available at the marina for $10.00 on online here

See our Rates page for pricing for inshore and inland trips.