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Reel Screamers Guide Service is a full service fishing guide operation for Louisiana saltwater Fishing.

Louisiana Redfish

Our Inshore fishing trips typically target redfish and speckled trout in the marshes around Grand Isle, Louisiana and to the west of Venice, Louisiana. Louisiana's marshes are the greatest estuaries in the US and known for the abundance of fish. Depending on the time of the year and your wishes we could be fishing for sow trout on the beach fronts or going for numbers over the oyster reefs.  If trout is not your game and you like the fight of a mad redfish, we will hit the shorelines or duck ponds for just that.

Grand Isle Tuna

Offshore trips open you up to a whole new world of game species to include Tuna, Grouper, various Snapper, Swordfish, Wahoo and many more. Everyone who fishes knows that the Gulf Waters off the mouth of the Mississippi River are the richest waters in the lower US. Offshore fishing from Venice, Louisiana is on every serious anglers mind. We fish those waters, departing from the only inhabited barrier island on Louisiana’s coast, Grand Isle, LA. Whether it is sight fishing Mangroves or Tuna, dropping deep for God knows what or blue water trolling for tuna, dolphin or wahoo, we have a lot to choose from and can tailor your trip to your desires.

Come experience the best that Louisiana Fishing has to offer and we will see what we can do about …. the one that got away.

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Inshore Fishing Trout, redfish, flounder and more just a cast away.


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The Action Has Not Stopped

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on Jan 17 2017

What a year it was. To sum up 2016 we had about the best year we have ever had thanks to a drive to please and some really outstanding customers. The catching was great into the spring, slowed some as the dog days of summer approached then fall got here and all of those fish we had been looking for all summer showed up and they were hungry. 

With the lack of anything that you could call winter to this point the trout have remained strong and it is just amazing. We are not having to hit the marsh and work points, no trolling banks looking to get a fish here and a fish there until we fill the box. No the trout are ganged up on the spring time spots around the oyster reefs and the structures in the open bays.  Any day we have good weather we are seeing really good catches of fish. Another plus this time of the year is that there is a lot less bait in the water therefore we do not have to depend so highly on live bait, there is nothing like swinging trout over the side and not having to worry about digging into the livewell for a new shrimp.

Pick your weather window and as long as Mother Nature cooperates this action will continue until we get a steady blast of cold from up north. Trips are booking up into late spring, pick your date and get it on the books. We would love to have you.