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Reel Screamers Guide Service

We do everything we can to keep our prices reasonable and I think that you will find them competitive. Please call with any questions.


Inshore trips are based on the number of people on the boat. These trips include all you need for a day of fishing.  All rods and reels are supplied. Ice, fuel and bait are included for these trips as well as fish cleaning.

Up to 2 people - $500.00
3 People - $650.00
4 People - $750.00

* we will occasionally place a 5th person on the 24 foot boat but generally try to keep these trips to 4 people per boat.
* extended trips to areas such as the Sandy Point area may incur an additional fuel charge.


Offshore trips vary greatly from nearshore trips for Mangrove and Cobia to Canyon trips to add Amberjack and Grouper. We can continue south for Tuna, Swordfish and Dolphin, it all depends on what you want and what Mother Ocean is giving us at the time. Due to the erratic nature of the fuel prices the last few years, we have gone to a flat fee plus the coast of the fuel. If this does not suit your needs or if this worries you, call us, we can generally give you an estimate on what the fuel burn will be or we can settle on a flat price for your trip.

Our offshore rate is $1200.00 plus the cost of the fuel. We can provide estimates depending on where we plan to go to catch fish. You can bring up to 6 people on these trips

Close in Mangrove trips can burn as little as 40 gallons of fuel. The average trip to the canyon to include Grouper and Amberjack, generally run about 90 to 100 gallons.  Tuna trips depend on where we are running for the fish.

Overnight trips generally run $2400.00 plus the cost of the fuel as they take the boat out of service for two days.


All trips require deposits. Inshore trips require a $200.00 deposit, Offshore trips require a $300.00 deposit. Deposits hold your trip and are refundable if we have to cancel for any reason, usually weather related issues. Other than the previously stated the deposit will not be refunded unless the boat reserved for you is rebooked. Refunds of deposits placed on a credit card will be minus the merchant charges unless the cancellation is made by Reel Screamers Guide Service. In the event that the date is not rebooked, your deposit is good for a period of 1 year, giving you plenty of time to pick another date. Deposits left on the books longer than 1 year are forfeited.

A note on deposits - I do not like having to deal with deposits but they are a necessary evil in the business. While our focus is to have fun and catch fish, we are a business and a booking is a commitment that takes resources out of circulation


We accept cash, check or Visa, Master Card, American Express. There is a 3% convenance charge applied to all credit card payments.  The convenance charge is not refunded as part of a refundable deposit.

Terms / Conditions

Each Passenger will be provided with an information card, boarding pass if you will. The information card should be filled out prior to the trip and provided to your captain the morning of your trip. This card provides us vital information on the rare occasion we need it and it affirms agreement to these terms 

As always, please feel free to call with any questions that you may have.

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