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The Action Has Not Stopped

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on Jan 17 2017

What a year it was. To sum up 2016 we had about the best year we have ever had thanks to a drive to please and some really outstanding customers. The catching was great into the spring, slowed some as the dog days of summer approached then fall got here and all of those fish we had been looking for all summer showed up and they were hungry. 

With the lack of anything that you could call winter to this point the trout have remained strong and it is just amazing. We are not having to hit the marsh and work points, no trolling banks looking to get a fish here and a fish there until we fill the box. No the trout are ganged up on the spring time spots around the oyster reefs and the structures in the open bays.  Any day we have good weather we are seeing really good catches of fish. Another plus this time of the year is that there is a lot less bait in the water therefore we do not have to depend so highly on live bait, there is nothing like swinging trout over the side and not having to worry about digging into the livewell for a new shrimp.

Pick your weather window and as long as Mother Nature cooperates this action will continue until we get a steady blast of cold from up north. Trips are booking up into late spring, pick your date and get it on the books. We would love to have you.

Where does time go? Spring 2016 is here

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on Apr 11 2016

Book a date through May 2016 now and get 2014 pricing.

This year has started out as a wonderful year, we have been busy and are about 50% above last year already. The main reason for that is that the fishing has been great. Sure you hear us bellyache about the weather from time to time because it is spring and we have to fight mother nature every now and then but the fish this year are hungry and they are running large. The trout have begun to make their move to the coast and we have been catching fish to 22 inches on a regular basis. Some days they want nothing but live bait, others they will hit plastic like there is no tomorrow. Reads have been a little harder to find these days but there are almost always a few mixed into the box. 

Offshore with all of the bad press offshore has just flat been off this year. We have run a few trips and we have found that there is a stray cobia or two already here. The weather will calm in the coming weeks and we will be out there more and as sure as the sun comes up there will be adventures and memories to talk about. 

April and may still have a lot of dates available so right now we are booking dates through May at 2014 prices. Call now to fill those days so mamma can get a new pair of shoes and you will get a good day on the water. 

Here's to a good year ahead, see you on the water. 

Welcoming In Fall

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on Sep 27 2015

Man It is hard to believe that it has been since February since I had updated this blog but I guess time flies when your as busy as we have been.  It has been a very busy year and since we are short handed I have worked most of it myself. We will be looking for a new Captain to join our fleet now so that we will be ready for the spring rush that we anticipate.

While it is no secret that we have been fighting a major flood on the Mississippi River this year and we had another so-so Speckled Trout year, we have held our own with good catches. It actually looks like the catches are picking up and becoming more predictive as they move inside for fall. The almighty Louisiana Redfish has been making a strong showing the last few weeks and that will continue unless we get a major freeze on the coast.

Offshore the feds have announced that they will be closing Amberjack as I write this. We will be readying the offshore boat for the winter season where we will be chasing Mangrove Snapper, Grouper, Tuna and Wahoo.  As of now we have decided that we will continue to do everything we can to hold our prices down and we plan to maintain our current pricing structure until further notice.

We cherish each and everyone of our customers and look forward to a good winter season.  Thanks to all of you.

Say Good-Bye To February

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on Feb 27 2015

We prepare to say bye-bye to February and Old Man Winter is making a stand with some cold weather from back to back fronts. We have been able to fish regularly between the fronts. While the weather has kept us from being able to run any of the offshore trip, we have been able to keep the inshore boat busy. As spring get closer by the day we are seeing encouraging signs. Our catches have been mostly redfish but any time we get a few warm days we have seen trout beginning to show up along with warmer water temperatures.  We have made it through the low point of the winter and everything will be on the up turn from here. There is still plenty of room for trips during the spring but the summer time is booking up ahead of schedule.  Should a visit down south be in your plans this year, it is time to start thinking about securing your days.

November Is Hot

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on Nov 13 2014

November has been everything that we hoped it would be.  The trout have shown up and they have been steady. As is typical fall most days they will hit plastic just as fast as the live bait and that makes for some fun fishing right there. The redfish have been ganged up and where I have been fishing them, you can count 6 of them busting on the banks as you are reeling in the one on the line.

Offshore it appears that the shrimp boat season has come to an end. It started early and lasted longer than usual but it was a good one. For now there are some open water schools of fish but running to the floaters is a better bet. We are approaching the midnight lump season. Most people wait until they get word that the lump is "on" before they book their trips but doing so means that you may not get the date you want so book it now. There have been a few wahoo showing up and that should get better as the days go on.

Hope to see you on the island very soon.

November 2014

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on Nov 01 2014

The Ghost and Goblins have received their candy and we are sick and tired of election ads so lets lighten things up a bit and talk fishing. The close in tuna run began early this year and it looks like it is going to continue into November.  Good catches of Tuna continue to come into the dock and any day now the trophy wahoo season should begin. 

This past week had really good catches of Speckled Trout mixed in with the Redfish that we have been catching. This cold front will shut this down for a few days but after that we will be right back at it and would love to have you.

We are really appreciate all of our wonderful customers throughout the year and look to continue through the holiday season. Some of the best fishing takes place in the fall and winter for those who are able to schedule around the turbulent weather.

October 2014

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on Oct 22 2014

October has been a great month, as we move into November The shrimp boat tuna season started early this year and it has continued to be a good one. This fishery usually last until about the end of October and after that we will be finding fish in open water and back to the deep floaters until the infamous lump season begins. The point is that we have a year round tuna fishery and in the coming weeks, it will be enhanced by our winter time wahoo season. A few hooters have shown up already.

INSHORE - A good rise is coming down the river and that will severely affect the inshore fishery in Venice, Louisiana so I anticipate that we will be even busier this winter. The redfish have been a staple of our inshore trips and on most trips they have shown up in great numbers. Hard fighting fish that give you a visual show both before and after the bite, you can't beat that. We continue to have a slow trout year but some have begun to show up inside and that will continue so we should be able to add a few to the box on each trip.

This is a good time of the year to introduce the kids to fishing. We can target the good ole Sea Bream. Easy to catch and a good fight, they are more than willing to show the kids a good time.

We have boats available and would be honored to have you as our guest. 
Call us to get on the books

September 2014

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on Sep 07 2014

Its been a while since I have had a chance to breath and update the site.  A lot has happened. The new offshore boat is here and she has been a Cadillac. Still got a few bugs to work out but she handles the water like a champ.

INSHORE - This has certainly been a strange year for Speckled Trout and it continues to be so.  We will have a day or two of good fishing with nice trout coming over the side, then low and behold they disappear for a couple of days. The redfish have been the constant and will continue to be that way into the winter.

OFFSHORE - The new boat is definitely a dream to fish out of. The tuna bite has been consistent all summer long as long as you have the right bait.  You have to spend the extra time getting plenty of bait or your in for a long day. THE FALL RUN HAS STARTED already with good catches coming in with shorter runs.  The mangroves continue to fill the box and any day now the fall cobia run should start.

Grand Isle has busted open

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on May 31 2014

The trout have arrived, late but here all the same. After a long cold winter the shrimp arrived in the Grand Isle waters and with them came the trout. On the calm days we have been able to get after them with much success. The croakers are small bit it has not mattered as the trout have been on live shrimp and plastics so far. I am sure that it will not be long that we will be after the croaker bite.

We will continue on this pattern for the near future and then it is out to the beach for the bigger girls with croakers.  We replaced the old 22 foot boat with another 24 foot Blazer Bay so that we can handle more people with plenty of room. Come get you some of this before the dead of summer kicks in.


It has been a while since we have been offshore and we have missed some really good action. We suffered a catastrophic breakdown on one engine as it seems that we have fallen victim of the growing problems with the Suzuki big block 4 strokes.  Not that big of a problem but it was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak.  We are just about finished with the paperwork for the new boat. We will be adding a 33 foot Hydra Sports to the fleet with triple 250 HP Yamaha engines. This boat is much larger and much more comfortable to fish out of. More room, More speed and more toys to play with.

It looks like we are going to have a banner year on the lemon fish and the dolphin. Plenty of Lemon Fish are being caught and the reports are that the dolphin have already shown up on the grass lines.  The boat should be here by mid June and we will be working to regain our place as the premier offshore boat running form Grand Isle.  Book your spots now.

Jumping Into May

Posted by Daryl Carpenter on May 02 2014

April went out with a bang, the redfish were a staple and proved to make for a many of good trip. We had reds that went airborne like largemouth bass and reds that pulled the boat all over the marsh. Fishing is a funny game, you have to let the fish tell you what they want. Some days they were just crushing spinner baits, some days it had to be live bait and they were just barely sucking it in.  With the still unusually cool weather the fish were in the marsh.  A few trout began to show up here and there but they have not yet been steady enough to say that we are targeting them.  Any Day now and they will be here.

Offshore the big news is that the Cobia, Lemon FIsh have begun to show up.  We are fighting a high river to the east of us but that is nothing new for this time of the year. We will have a much abbreviated snapper season but remember that this is Louisiana Red Snapper is jut one small part of what we do here.